Moabite in JUST

I am now sittin in the computer lab of the the only veternary clinic in Jordan; Veternary clinic of JUST.

The lab is small. It only has less than 15 computers. It has, however, a condition. The manager of the lab has just closed the windows and then has turn it on. Because of the small size of the lab,I can already feel the coolness of the condition.

What is weird in this lab is that it has a TV. Moreover, the window edges are filled with plants of at least 6 different types. Moreover, my brothers colleagues look different than students in Mu’tah university; Many has white complexion. But what is most noted is that most, if not all, of them dress neatly and expensively.

Is JUST different than Mu’tah? I haven’t seen much yet; I entered through the main gate and directly headed to the veternary college. The design of the building is extremely different than those of Mu’tah; I think it would take me days to get used to the patterns of pathways, hallways, and classrooms.

I didn’t find any hardship entering through the main gate; There were no one of the blue-colored guards close-by. The University has quite a good number of students; maybe this is a small number in JUST standards.

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  1. Posted by MKH on 06/08/2009 at 21:20

    welcome to J.U.S.T. dude
    its just different ! ..any visitor will “WOW its great uni”
    ,,and anyone study at it Hated it ! pretty weird
    although the building and the “GREEN” yards are great to spend time there ,,but its studding there is not really FUN and that easy !

    God speed


  2. Posted by absolutesardonics on 06/08/2009 at 21:52

    Hey Buddy…replying to MKH ,don’t really care about wt they say about J.U.S.T being difficult…i spent the best 5 years in my life there…it’s a great place…the views are amazing…u can really find the best ppl there (( if u look hard enough that is 😛 )) and am sure u’ll get annoyed from it sometime or another…but hanat…kolha kam mn saneh 😉 but in the end … every1 gets annoyed from his uni…i dunno why…but i never really got that Annoyed from J.U.S.T =D i love it lol , am not really sure about mo2tah…but being that loving to J.U.S.T , and being selfish also 😛 i can say yeah…J.U.S.T z better 😉 no offense ofcourse =)


  3. Posted by Me, Moabite on 06/09/2009 at 02:14

    I am amazed! I have been blogging for more than 2 years. I posted this blog less than 24 hours ago. I can see that i have 2 comments on this post. These are the fastests 2 comments I have ever received. Oh my God!

    I don’t know anyone of the commentors. Unless that MKH is refering to Mazen Jamal Kheetan. Is it? If this is you, dear Mazen, what the hell were you thinking of when you posted under this name? Can i know?

    Concerning the other commentor, who is this absolutesardoincdklsajfds something? What is this name? Wait! i will go and ask Uncle google…

    I am back, google lead me to a blog. First impression, the blogger gives a great care to the design of the blog. The Blog is How did you reach my blog Mr. Sardonic? What does your name mean? I dunno! I will comment on the first post I see in his blog!

    Can a person comment in a Blog without saying who he really is? I used to do this in the past. I used to comment writing the name of Moabite. Today, I understood how annoying is it not to tell people about your true identiy!

    What is the solution? I think i should work on my profile. Shouldn’t I?

    Mr. Sardonisdkljgoiahfj Blog seems interesting. Isn’t it? What I can clearly notice is that this person عنده نفس طويييييييييل بالكتابة
    …. وقولة سمعه: يا هنيييالك!


  4. Posted by absolutesardonics on 06/09/2009 at 19:10

    lol , dear Moabite 😀 coz am logged in to my wordpress account , it automatically signs my comments with my user name there 😛 and well…i dnt think MKH is mazen jamal Kheetan 😀 lol…he’s a friend of mine actually…and he’s the one who lead me to ur blog post…and well…sardonic = mothakem , motasa5er 😛 something in this area 😛 and i can tell u that am a person who recently graduated from techno =) and well…ur blog has many more posts than ours lol…i wish u all the luck in ur blog and i wish i was not offensive in anything i wrote 😀 and plz…if u like our blog…keep visiting it every once and a while 😛 tc buddy.


  5. Posted by MKH on 06/10/2009 at 06:40

    nope am not the guy u said
    and we where talking about the uni ..not about our self’s
    and its really annoying to have ur real name on blogs :\
    anywayz …all the luck ^_^


  6. Posted by Mazen Kheetan on 06/20/2009 at 10:03

    heeeey, wait a min. this is my name you are using there.
    Do I know you Mr./Ms.absolutesardonics?!!you says that I am ur friend…can I know who are you?
    and moabiate, I hope you had alot of fun in Irbid…see you in Mu’tah.


  7. Posted by absolutesardonics on 09/10/2009 at 01:51

    Lol…sorry am replying so late to this…but what ? 😀 lol


  8. Posted by Mazen Kheetan on 09/11/2009 at 02:50

    you say that I’m your friend and that I leaded you to this blog? so do you really know me?


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