Obama in Mu’tah University

Now I am sitting in the deanship of students in Mu’tah university. It is 1:20. Although I had been sitting here since 10 o’clock, I still have many and many things to do on the internet.
What really made me stop surfing the internet is that Obama’a voice and image are seen in the deanship.
In body, Obama is now doing a speech in Egypt. JRTV is now live broadcasting the speech. Obama is still talking since more than 7 minutes.

The university is empty today because most of the students, including me, finished their final exams yesterday. Some students, however, are seen between now and then in the deanship.

5 students, including me, are now sitting on chairs inside the deanship. The don’t seem to care about the speech. One is playing with his mobile phone, a girl is just sitting down and starting at nothing, another is very busy with both his laptop and mobile phone.

What catches my eye is a man who is standing less than a meter away from the more than 35 inch LCD screen of the deanship. He is still standing. He doesn’t move. He is very attracted to the screen. “Islam is part of America…” I heard Obama saying. Well, this will surely have a positive effect. Won’t it?

The man is now sitting on a near bench. It seems that he wants to continue watching the speech.

Should this speech make a kind of ‘change’ that Obama want americans to ‘believe in!’.
In the begining of the speech, Obama explained that one speech can’t correct the situation.

Will I go back to hom at 2 o’clock? As long as I am allowed to keep sitting, I don’t think so!

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