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God, good evening

Good evening,

I don’t know what name to call you? Jesus? God? What about Allah? Shouldn’t I not forget Jeovah? It is really complicated! Every religion call you by a different name. I wish it is only a matter of name! They also differ in their understanding of you. For example, did you come down to earth? Is it as Chrisitians says, “You took flesh form!”? Can it be possible that you, at a certain time, left your thrown up there in the place called heaven? Is it possible that you care enough to come down to Earth? Why for? Aren’t you supposed to be the most supreme and the most high? Why would you then give a chance to a bunch of humans to physically see you? If it is true that you came down to earth, no matter when, I have to admit to you that I will be mad at you.

Do you know how much troubled I am? I am always… well, when I am in trouble, think of you. Could it be possible that you are really listening to our prayers? Do you really care what we humans want? If you can control the earth and every thing in it, will you respond to the requests of talking animals searching, most often, for personal pleasures? If you really listen to us, then you know that most prayers are about wealth, success, cure from a disease, good luck… etc. Don n’t you get bored of such selflish age-long requests? If I am not wrong, no matter what you did, you will keep listening to such prayers. First of all, such kinds of requests are inumberable. Secondly and most importantly, what is the limit to human’s ambitions? There is absolutely nho limit! They always need more! The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence! Isn’t that correct old chap?

Can I ask a question, I know that it is a personal thing, but I am just curious. How old are you? At school, Christian teacher taught us that you have no beginning and no end. I can understand the no end thing, but when did you started. “Substanec can not be created or destroyed. It changes from one form to another