Picasa2: Moab (Karak) – Jordan

smakieh karak simakiya Simakiyya kerak hijazeen moabite amanfrommoab a

A tributary of Mujeb valley -Biblical Arnoon Valley- in modern Karak (Kerak), Ancient Moab, Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan.

This image was edited using the Picasa2 program. Windows installed on this Toshiba Satellite is Window Vista Home Premium. Picasa2 program comes with the windows programs.

Before coming to know the abilities of this program, I used to go through a huge hardship editing and enhancing photos. The program I used was Photoshop.

On the one hand, no program can be compared to Photoshop. On the other hand, Photoshop is very complicated for me, a modest computer user. What is more, Photoshop consumes huge amount of the computer resources, especially RAM. As a result, executing tasks in this program will need some time not to mention wasting your time wandering through a large number of menus and windows’.

Picasa2 is a great solution. You can now crop, adjust contrast, adjust shadows, adjust highlights, etc. Just in small easy steps. How helpful!

Good bye Photoshop and welcome Picasa!

The Official Photo-editing program of Moabite’s Blog is: “Picasa”

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