New About Me Page

This was the text in which I put in the “About Me” section of my Blog. I don’t think it should continue to be in that place any longer. I am sending it into archive as a simple post. I need to make a new About Me section which is:

  1. Concise.
  2. Informative.
  3. Logical.

Following is my first “About Me” page.I am so embarrased of what is written below. This is why the font is “struckthrough”.

Welcome to this interview with the owner of the “A Man from Moab Blog”, please welcome with me the so-called: “Moabite!”

– We know that the time of readers of this page is too short, so I would like to start directly with my first question: “A Man from Moab” Why did you choose this name for your Blog?

I chose “A Man from Moab” as a name for my Blog for 2 connected reasons. The first one is that I want to conceal a part of my identity-my name. As a result, I started searching for a name that is somehow related to the topics I am most interested to blog about. Since I have a huge passion for history, traditions, religions, societies, cultures. I found that a name inspired from the Ancient land of Moab I live in now, can carry such connotations.

– Why conceal ‘a part of your identity’? I understand that you consider being a Moabite an identity?

I will start by the last question, when in the ninth grade; I published my first personal website on the web. “The problem is that no one ever visits my site!” I complained to a gifted cousin of mine who has a PhD in computer science. I like the answer which he gave me: “No one will search the internet for your name!” His facial expressions were of someone who is not amazed of a natural result. “Instead, write in your website, for example, that you live X Kilometers from Petra!” So, here I am, exploiting the history of the place I live in to bring people to my Blog. The small plateau I live in was once a part of the Moabite kingdom so I am using it.

I believe that person’s identity is not only his name; it is his nationality, religion, traditions, ethics, emotions. To sum up, I am only hiding a part of my identity which is my name.

– I am sorry, let me change the question then, why conceal this part of your identity?

I want to allow myself the biggest degree of sincerity. For example, so I can state that I caught my cousin smoking –could you imagine the situation of my cousin if his father knows because of Moabite being a gossiper?!

– Why a guy living in a deserted, impoverished and unheard of village is writing in this Blog?!
I have never had the chance to travel outside of my country, even worst, not to travel within my geographically small country –Not visiting Petra as a most devastating example. As a result, I feel great happiness when I read about the lives of people living in other countries, of people living in a different society than the Eastern Jordanian Society I live in, of people who doesn’t have the same traditions that my Christian-Jordanian surrounding has, of people that don’t have the same taboos that a Jordanian guy like me pays much attention to get himself far from –Religion, Sex, and Politics, people who have different understanding of the same world all “animals” live in.

To sum up, it is how the bible put it: “Do others what you want others to do you.” Till this date, January 29, 2008, I don’t have any Blog address of a person who writes about his own routine life. I am sure that there are many people out there who have such Blogs, but I haven’t reached any of them yet- will you help?, and I hope that I will some time soon.

– Why Blog in English? Why leave your native language?

I blog in English not because I don’t disrespect Arabic but more reasonably because:

1. I know that not a single soul in my surrounding would care about the notion of reading. I know that those who would care to read don’t know Arabic, so I am blogging in their language.

2. English is the single language by which you can reach the hugest spectrum of readers from all parts of the world.

3. To get a good university degree or to get a good Job, you need to have good English. Surely I am improving my English practicing this hobby.

– Any request from your Blog readers?

Firstly, if you observe any error in my Blog, I will be very gracious if took time to refer them to me (Language errors please [:)] ). Secondly and most importantly, I wouldn’t mind your concealing your name when writing a comment if this will help you to be as honest and direct as possible.

Do you have anything to say? عندك إشي تحكيه؟ (Unless you are posting spam or using aggressive language, I will publish your comment whether I like it or not)

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