Mosa Hijazeen, a relative of yours?

Mosa Hijazeen, Som3a, is a Jordanian comedian. We are of the same family. Both of us are of the Hijazeen family.

Every Jordanian has his family name written in his identity. What family you come from is an important thing in Jordan. One of the important things that a bearing a family name will bring you, is this type of question, “Is this person a relative of yours?” Or in other words, “Do you know this person, his name is X. He is of your family as well?!”

This is an account of the people who will ask me, upon knowing my family name, “Is Mosa Hijazeen a relative of yours?”

  1. Place: The housing bank for trade and finance\ Amman Downtown\ Saqf Al Sael branch.

Date: 06.02.08.

Reason for being in this bank was that I drew money to buy shares in the Jordanian company for extracting oil from the oil rock, JOSE (The company’s name is something near this).

Person Asking: A nicely dressed, handsome, but not optimistic accountant. He processed my request.

My answer was: “From the family!”

  1. Place: Faculty of Medicine\ Mu’tah University

Date: Somewhere in the middle of March 2008, hours before the first month exam of Histology.

I was studying with a student who is from south of Jordan, from the governorate of Tafila. I don’t know his name, but his family name is ‘Saudi’. I don’t usually learn my colleague’s first names. Often, I only learn their family names.

We had been revising ‘Connective Tissue’ lecture for sometime when we paused for a little break.

“Oh!” He said as if he remembered something important. “Is he a relative of yours?” He then stopped giving himself time to remember.

I didn’t give him time and said: “Soma’h? Mosa Hijazeen?”

” ” The guy brought a smile on his face. Yes, it was about him his question was. I was correct in my guess. He commented then: “You are always asked this question?”

“Yes” I gave a prolonged yes with a very big smile.
My answer was: I don’t quite remember. I think that we both left it unanswered.

  1. Place: An office in Orange company-Jordanian Telecom- building in Marj\ Karak.

Date: 23.02.08

I got sent from the office in Qaser to Engineer ‘Yanal Nawaeseh’ in Adnaneah town. I arrived there after taking the university bus only to find that the place was as empty as a cemetery. Fortunately, a pick-up of the company stopped beside a nearby tent wanting to buy fruit from the man inside the tent. “Are you Engineer Yanal N?” I asked a guy who came out of the pick-up. He was not but he was too helpful and directed me to their offices in Marj.

“Engineer Yanal, Please?” I asked a person who was sitting in the first office I found inside the Orange building. I was directed to the office immediately after the first one.

The man took the modem and the wires of the ADSL connection which we had since more than a year (From 6/2/2007). “What is the name of the owner of this line?” He asked me working his fingers on the keyboard in front of him.

“X. Hijazeen” I answered him and he started typing on the keyboard. After that, he asked for our phone number. Then he asked: “What is ‘his relation’ to you?” Call me stupid, but my mind immediately went to Mosa Hijazeen. I can’t blame myself! Whenever I hear somebody talking about someone’s relation to me then it is my relation to Mosa! Anyhow, I interrupted it this way and answered: “Who? Soma’h?” I smiled.

” ” The man was didn’t reply. I then added explaining: “Mosa Hijazeen” The man then brought a little smile to his face (Actually I didn’t see it, because I am still not able to look people directly in their faces when talking to them. How I decided on that? Simply, because a smile is always drawn when Mosa’s name is mentioned.) He said: “No, I mean the owner of this phone line?” I told him that he is my father and immediately after that tried to explain my stupid answer. “I am always asked this question, I thought…” The man then commented what made both of us laugh, most of the two was I. He said: “That was the ‘second’ question I was going to ask you.”

After all, it didn’t turn out that I was wrong to talk about Mosa from the beginning.

My answer was: After very little hesitation on what to answer, I answered: “He is from the family”

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Chadi on 09/18/2008 at 11:43

    hey there ,

    Currently I’m working in the south of france . I quit UK since june 2007 .
    I have stopped blogging one year ago . I know I have a lot of time … but I wasn’t in the mood of writing my blog . but I think I will come back blogging again soon .
    thanks for ur comment .
    The new URL I’ve got it through the comment you left on my blog .that’s all for now .
    when I read ur old blog 3 weeks ago … I thought u’ve stopped writing too … but apparently not .

    anyway , we will have time to chat later .

    have a nice day for now .


  2. Posted by Jackson on 09/24/2008 at 04:20

    Hey Jameel,

    I would like to say to you that I am inspired by your writing skills. Keep writing and express yourself. I lost all contact with you since I left back to the states but I remembered that you gave me your blog address. It took my some time to find the note pad that I wrote it in. I am happy that we are now in contact… Email me because i would like to hear about how you are doing. If you dont know my email is Continue to Study hard and stay focus on your goals. I care about you alot and I hope that we may get to see each other again. En Sha’allah.

    -Jackson Cha


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