Phone Book of 104 year-old Jordanian Man


What do you see in the above image? Writings of a little child who has just learnt to read and write? Don’t you the lousy writing and the disarrangement tells you so? If I didn’t know the owner of the above writing, I would have probably had the same prediction.

This is the phone book of Issa Nwesser Abdallah Dahabreh, Abu Kamel. He is my Grandfather. Last February, he was around 104 year-old. Ma-Sha-Allah!

Abu Kamel lives in a village called Shatana. It is situated between beautiful mountains north of Amman, the capital of Jordan. It is part of the governorate of Irbid.

Nowadays, in the 21st century, there are still illiterate people in Jordan. Abu Kamel, however, learnt how to read and write more than 90 years ago.

… This post needs more information! My father is the only one who can help me! But when can I visit him? I am not free till February. I need to put it on my windows calendar. Sorrowfully, this program comes only with windows Vista. I can’t download it on my PC because my old 8 year-old PC doesn’t have enough resources to meet the very demanding requirements of Windows Vista! Poor me!

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