Run commands I should have known long time ago

How to open microsoft office programs via the run command?! It works on all computers. In other words, it doesn’t need any pre-settings:

Go to start> run. Type the following to open each of the specified programs:

winword >>>    Microsoft Word
powerpnt >>>    Microsoft PowerPoint
frontpg >>>    Microsoft FrontPage
excel >>>    Microsoft Excel
msaccess >>>    Microsoft Access

Can such a shortcut method be used on other applications except the previous?! Wouldn’t it be nice if you can open the calculatar without having to go throught the long tedious way of going to start>all programs>accessories>Calculaator?! What about Paint program, dont’ you think that it is such a long way to get to it?!

The good answer, yes… Yes, you can do it. Here are the shortcuts:

Paint >>>            pbrush
Calculator >>>            calc
Windows Media Player >>>    wmplayer [My favorite!].
Firefox Browser >>>        firefox
Internet Explorer >>>        iexplore

desktop >>> open your desktop folder in your windows account.

I have:
Windows Xp, Version 5.1
Microsoft Office 2002.

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