For Arabic Learners

Mr. and Mrs. Arabic Learner, here are a few sites that I hope will help you in your studies:

1. Google translation: Google gives you free translation from English to Arabic and vice versa. However, it is still a BETA version.
2. Arabic Keyboard: This is a page where you can type Arabic letters. It is of a great help especially if you don’t have a keyboard with Arabic letters.
3. Learn Arabic For Free: This site is totally free. It has a lot of good information. It is very good for someone who wants to practice every-day (common) words. It is true that it is packed with ads, however, I believe that it is a good bargain.

Do you have anything to say? عندك إشي تحكيه؟ (Unless you are posting spam or using aggressive language, I will publish your comment whether I like it or not)

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