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A English Language Question!

The Skelton comprises 3 parts:


Skeleton is composed of joints, cartilage and bone.

Skeleton is composed of joints, cartilage, and bone.


Which sentence is correct?!

Run commands I should have known long time ago

How to open microsoft office programs via the run command?! It works on all computers. In other words, it doesn’t need any pre-settings:

Go to start> run. Type the following to open each of the specified programs:

winword >>>    Microsoft Word
powerpnt >>>    Microsoft PowerPoint
frontpg >>>    Microsoft FrontPage
excel >>>    Microsoft Excel
msaccess >>>    Microsoft Access

Can such a shortcut method be used on other applications except the previous?! Wouldn’t it be nice if you can open the calculatar without having to go throught the long tedious way of going to start>all programs>accessories>Calculaator?! What about Paint program, dont’ you think that it is such a long way to get to it?!

The good answer, yes… Yes, you can do it. Here are the shortcuts:

Paint >>>            pbrush
Calculator >>>            calc
Windows Media Player >>>    wmplayer [My favorite!].
Firefox Browser >>>        firefox
Internet Explorer >>>        iexplore

desktop >>> open your desktop folder in your windows account.

I have:
Windows Xp, Version 5.1
Microsoft Office 2002.

Politically Correct Bedtime Stories

I was at a street bookshop at downtown Amman. I was searching the box loosely put on the side of the pavement for the 5 books I will buy for 1 JD. “Politically Correct Bedtime Stories” This book caught my attention. It was not because of its content but for the idea that came to my mind at that moment. I thought of the usefulness of having some kind of short stories to read before going to bed. I usually take neither a short nor a long time to fall asleep.

The writer of this book wants this book as a message against the wrong concepts that the original adopted stories conveyed the time they were written. There is much talk that I don’t have much time to do now.

I was very excited when I looked up the meaning of the word which I thought it to be wrongly spelled. ‘womyn’. Yesterday evening, I was in the bedroom of my parents when I firstly read parts of this book (God! How quiet the house was when I was the only one in it. During the silent hours I spent yesterday, I realized how great things I can do without being distracted. e.g. I would never see my father entering the room as he did minutes ago asking: “You boy,” He always call me and my brother this way “Where is your mother?” He asked me this question while I was on my computer obviously studying. “Wait father! I will make a ‘search’ on my PC to locate her coordinates.” Maybe this is what will I be doing if they invented such a technology the next time my father interrupts my study and ask me such questions. What is more, I shouldn’t forget to mention that he also entered the room minutes later talking on the phone, I thought that the phone call is from me but soon found out that it wasn’t because I deduced that it is someone from Amman asking him how the journey back home run.)

Back to the word ‘womyn’, I looked up its meaning in my precious Concise Oxford English Dictionary only to find that its spelling is correct 100% and that it carries a deep meaning, at least for the defiance it stands for:

womyn: (plural noun) non-standard spelling of ‘women’ adopted by some feminist in order to avoid the word ending in -men.

What if Arabic women were as free as women in the west, would they make any change to the Arabic word for women? I believe not. Firstly, the Arabic word originally doesn’t have any similarity in spelling with that of a man. Secondly and most importantly, the day when women in the Arab world will have the freedom won’t come because they are who help to keep the men’s dominance on them, the sexism that is certainly seen in our societies is also participated by women. The very clear evidence is the survey that was conducted in Jordan and showed that more than 80% (I rounded it down to the least possible answer because I don’t remember it exactly) of Jordanian women agreed that ‘the husband has the right to hit his wife’.

From my side, I don’t have a problem with this almost general consensus because I am on the dominant side. But will I allow my self to take advantage of this authorization? I believe not but it really depends on my future wife; whether she is a tough or not a tough one. So, if my future wife will be reading this some years later in the future, to her I say: “If after marriage, you, my very dear and beloved wife, turned to be a tough women whom I can’t oppose, I will ask you to have mercy on your husband because I know him to be a good-natured, peaceful guy. Please!”

P.S. Hey my wife, don’t believe yourself. I am just kidding. OK? Be careful not to oppose me. I will be generous enough to add: if I am correct, don’t oppose me. Thanks! Kisses. Your faithful husband, Moabite.

I know of guys of my age, older or younger, who always chat with girls on their mobile phones. Truly, I state, I have never, ever, made such a thing.

It might be because my faculty doesn’t have pretty girls, but rather, because of the straight man I am. You know that by now, don’t you?!

For Arabic Learners

Mr. and Mrs. Arabic Learner, here are a few sites that I hope will help you in your studies:

1. Google translation: Google gives you free translation from English to Arabic and vice versa. However, it is still a BETA version.
2. Arabic Keyboard: This is a page where you can type Arabic letters. It is of a great help especially if you don’t have a keyboard with Arabic letters.
3. Learn Arabic For Free: This site is totally free. It has a lot of good information. It is very good for someone who wants to practice every-day (common) words. It is true that it is packed with ads, however, I believe that it is a good bargain.