Today, Dr. Hani Azawi started with the upper limb anatomy.

Scapula, subclavian artery, infraspinatous muscle, pectroalis major and minor…

He stopped at one point in the lecture, probably because of many open mouths and closed minds that he noticed in his lecture, he said, “They are hard and weird terms… you have to learn them…” he then added what I liked very much. It not only made me smile but also, grew more admiration for this doctor, “You are the ones to be blamed, and you are the ones who had chose to study medicine.” So as to go back and invest whatever minutes left, he quickly added: “Accept the consequences of your choice or, leave to another faculty.“.

How funny are you Azawi! In another subject, what is depressing is that Dr. Azzawi is not the only doctor who keeps bringing bad omens on the already dazzled students with the new courses. “During the 6 years,” Dr. Waleed Rif’at said in his first physiology lecture, “We will cook you!” He then added as if this horrifying sentence can not terrify students: “We will squeeze you!”

What would I say Dr. Waleed? Some questions, can I ask? Are you a sadist? Why do you seem to enjoy very much threatening fresh students of difficulties and hard obstacles?! Don’t you know that anyone who wanted to change his major did? Don’t you know that that who didn’t change, can not do that after this very hospitable ‘introductory’ lecture?
It would be very nice if one doctor in the faculty began his lecture explaining to his students the nature of the new learning techniques that they should now adopt. What about a little word of encouragement? Wouldn’t a smile of welcoming do a lot to a frightened student on the door to a new level of learning?! Don’t you Dr. Waleed, the sophisticated and eloquent speaker you are, know that…?


I discovered last week, thanks to the handouts of Dr. Salwa Mitwali that ‘for example’ is not abbreviated (i.e.) as I wrongly thought for many and many years. It is abbreviated as (e.g.). In fact, if you go to previous posts of mine, you will surely find such error.

If I went back to my 9th grade notebook, I am sure that I will find it wrongly used as (i.e.). How silly was I to think that what I learnt in school is the correct and that of a doctor like Dr. Salwa is wrong, or even better, not modernly used. How silly I am! I should learn to trust my doctors.

Today, I returned home thinking that Azawi gave us wrong information about the type of the ‘sternoclavicular joint’, I found a book that said that it is a planar joint. I thought that he was wrong probably of old age. I only discovered then that our doctor just gave us the general type of the join: “Synovial Joint” and didn’t give the sub type which is the one I ‘intelligently’ discovered.
Let me look at the positive side, I am searching!


Electricity is too week because a lot of my fellow villagers use electrical heaters.

Tomorrow will be a party for the graduation of my cousin [HM]. Many congratulations. When would my day come?! It seems yesterday when my cousin, entered university… Now he is a man with a career.

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