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The Chinese Ten Commandments

I printed this article from a post I found in some forum back some years ago, I could only find the first page of this article.It contains only 3 commandments, only the title of the forth one appears on the paper.

1. The good skills of life: Don’t mock the others and thier rosy private dreams especially those whom you think to be less than you, from the simple and good-natured people. For the statue of your servant at God’s higher and more prestigous than you and than most of the most important of people, and you might get their intercesion at the doom’s day and dont’ belittle the value of the dreams for the world without it is a dry and boring journey no matter how beautiful the reality is.

2. The good skills of conversation: Think long and deduce long and speak little and don’t diregard all what you hear but store it because it is of certainity that you will need it in teh future.

3. The good skills of apologizing: Don’t hesitate to apologize to those whom you committed wrong against them and look into their eyes and say the word : “Sorry” so that he would read it in your eyes while he is listening to it by his ears.

4. The good skills of dealing: [Text missing…]

Putting Biochemistry Into Action

Warning: The following entry contain experts of Biochemistry lectures in Mu’tah university. The blog owner will deny any responsibility after any mental problems that might develop after reading the below information taught at Biochemistry lectures.

In order to purify and separate a single protein or a number of proteins with similar features from a mix of proteins, a variety of purification techniques can be used, one of them is Dialysis. Let’s see how my intelligent, sophisticated, but not so modest doctor, Dr. Mamoun Ahram of Mu’tah University, defined it:

[Update 22.05.2008: “not so modest doctor”, well, I change my mind. Dr. Mamoun is not that bad. But it doesn’t mean that Dr. Mamoun Ahram is a very modest person. I discovered that he is very modest when compared to other doctors at the medicine faculty. “Dr. Mamoun is so modest!” I thought after the very first lectures of the second semester.]

"Dialysis: Proteins can be separated from small molecules by dialysis through a semi-permeable membrane. Molecules having dimensions significantly greater than the pore diameter are retained inside the dialysis bag, whereas smaller molecules and ions cross the pores outside the bag."

Today, after a small thinking, I was able to apply this principle on my rabbits. But what has this biochemistry (science-fiction) has to do with rabbits that a Jordanian guy is keeping at his home?!

I went to check the rabbits today only to find that the 3 new babies that were given born to by the colored one are out from their sung and cozy under earth hole. I watched them to find that they were then wondering through the room, and certainly, their journeys taking them outside their safe and sound room. The certain result of this uncontrollable foolish behavior is them being eaten by a cat touring the house searching for some kind of food; a bone, a piece of bread, a stray mouse, etc. How happy would a stray cat be if its lunch meal for today would be a delicious plump rabbit?!

The rabbit house, which was once a place for raising sheep, consists of 2 rooms separated by a door. One of the rooms, the northern one, has a hole in one of its walls that would allow the rabbits to go outside to a closed space where we put food and water. The other room, the southern one, has no opening, and therefore, rabbits put in this room, can not go outside. This happens on one condition, that is: The door linking the 2 rooms is closed. Why? If the door between the 2 rooms is opened, the rabbits in the south room can cross to the northern one and eventually outside the safety of the rooms. To sum up, rabbits in the northern room have an access to the outside dangerous world of cats. While those in the southern room have no access when the door is closed and therefore no cat can reach them.

In the past, we used to move the newly born rabbits to the southern room, closing the linking door of course. This way, we ensured that only the adult rabbits, big ones, can go outside the rooms, and because of their size, cats can not snatch anyone of them in their mouths and run away as they can do with the small ones. However, this process is very tedious, boring, repetitive and monotonous, so I decided today that we need a solution to this problem. Either to close the hole in the southern room and consequently all rabbits will have to stay inside despite the negative results of this action from increased manures in the rooms, not to mention overcrowded rooms. I called my mother to help me find a solution. Did we find one or we just surrendered to the threat of the cats and lost the many advantages of letting rabbits out?

I told my mother about the new 3 rabbits and that we must find a new regulation mechanism because the old method is really a pain in the neck. Talking and discussing the situation, we finally reached the very intelligent solution that we should have thought of it long time ago. So, how did we solve this problem?

I put 3 blocks of cement in the door linking between the 2 rooms. Eventually, the rabbits can no longer simply walk to pass form one room to another, they have to Jump. Here comes the separation method: It is now a matter of who could jump such an altitude? As in the semi-permeable membrane in the Dialysis technique, only small molecules and ions can cross the membrane outside the dialysis bag, the same situation is created in the case of our rabbits. It is the same principals, however, there is only one difference, and this only difference is that the big not the small is what passes: Since the cement blocks barrier is at least 30 Cm’s high from the flat ground, only big rabbits, those which can cats make no threat towards, can pass. The one which are retained inside the southern room because of this barrier are the smaller ones. Their size and ability require them to wait not a little time to be able to cross to the northern room, and consequently to the outside real world of cats. Don’t you think that this simple technique is absolutely trouble-free?! How great things can the human mind achieve if he just forgot about having fun and concentrated on what God created it for: Merely thinking.

[Sad Update: The mechanism worked 100% in achieving its goal; however, all of the 3 rabbits are dead now. We woke up the next morning only to find one left. What is more, the day after it, the 2 didn’t appear but seemed to have taken their third brother with them. I never knew how this crime happened, but the most reasonable explanation I can come up with is that it is a cat this time that came to them not the other way around.]

[Happy update 22.05.2008: After more than 3 months of adopting this technique. I’m proud to state that it worked 100%. Small rabbits were never able to bypass the selective barrier which was put. Only when they grew enough, they were able to pass and go outside when there size prevented any crazy cat from thinking to carry them.

Concerning the above “Sad Update”, till this moment, I can’t find a reasonable explanation how the previous 3 rabbits disappeared. Concerning the ‘cat coming to them not the other way around.’ such a case never happened again. No small rabbits ever disappeared from the south room.

My best and sole explanation: The small rabbits died because of the extremely cold weather. My father found them lying dead on the floor. He simply threw them outside the house. “Why didn’t your father tell you?!” You might ask. My father short memory is selective, and, sometimes, it is absent. Even if I asked him by then, could have simply forgotten about it.

One more thing, thanks Dr. Mamoun. You don’t know how easy was applying this technique. What is more important, how efficient it was.]