Searching Secrets in Google

As a direct result of my not finding any possible closet for the books, I arranged the books in the cupboard above in my parent’s house. I found this piece of paper which I obviously kept for the article of: “Searching Secrets in Google”

I want to get rid of this hardly kept paper, but the information inside of are new to me, so I am computerizing these new information. The article from the Jordanian Al-Rai newspaper dates back to: August, 10th, 2006. I have kept it that long period only to through it away in minutes.

((Secrets of Searching in Google))

_ Two words with the presence of a space: Google shows results containing both of the words.

_ Writing “Or” between two words: Google shows pages containing the first word or containing the second word.

_ – : to limit the range of results, i.e. writing virus-computer make Google search for the word virus not for the word computer.

– Lord of the rings + I (Using roman numerals).

_ ~ : search for the word and its synonyms. i.e. ~auto loan, Google will show results containing the word auto and its synonyms like car, automobile, etc.

_ define: search for the definition of a word, i.e. define:normalization. [Normalization: Bring to a normal or standard stae.]

_ Word_1*Word_2: Results containing the two words with one word separating them.

_ Word_1 … Word_2 : i.e. DVD player 50$ … 100$

_ date: time Word : i.e. date:3 Olympics, results containing the word Olympics during the last 3 months.


_ To get information about a certain site: info:Site_URL. i.e.


_ date: 1 internet download manager

_ iPod 10$ … 60$


Update: The newspaper page is now sitting in the bin.

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