I am changing my Blog’s URL

I thought and thought… On what basis am I using the name of my village as my Blog’s URL? Some of the posts are about something in Smakieh. However, most of the remainder posts are about me. I am changing the Blog’s URL to: http://www.borninsmakieh.blogspot.com.

Here I am back again, the Blog URL is now changed. It took me a matter of seconds just to edit it. I have tried it in a new window, I typed: http://www.borninsmakieh.blogspot.com, it didn’t work the first time i did it, but the second time-moments after the second one. It worked.

I am keeping this blog to publish every thing that I think is related to where I come from. I will start by these documents, sorrowfully Arabic ones, about the history of not only Smakieh but also 2 of the villages surrounding it: Humud and Rashedah. In addition to a document about another village not close to Smakieh.

I shouldn’t forget to mention that I got those valuable documents form the PC of Mr. Fadi Hijazin. Much thanks to his brothers for letting me copy them. My thanks would surely go to the person who put them originally on that PC. I really think they are great.

Wish me luck, I finished University yesterday. Phew!

I am typing from the lab of our faculty.

Do you have anything to say? عندك إشي تحكيه؟ (Unless you are posting spam or using aggressive language, I will publish your comment whether I like it or not)

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