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Facebook… I am coming!

Though most of the studetns in my faculty lab are always surfing this site, though I got many invitations from close friends (Yazen MS, for example) of mine to join this enigmatic site, though I always read how facebook made the headlines, I never was never convinced to open an account in Facebook. Now, in the next few minutes, I will be opening a facebook account. But why?

For 2 main reasons: In advertisments promoting goods and products, companies are ready to pay milliions and millions of dollars just to have an important person (Actors, football players, singers…) appear in their advertisment. It is because when the viewer see this will immediately follow the certainly ‘good’ choice of this person or that. It happened with me today, I got convinced by 2 things:

1. Amman municipality have an account.
2. The site of which I haven’t entered for ages… Incredibly, it has an account on facebook.

How strange?! Those 2 accounts which I discovered almost half an hour ago will make me have an account there… See you there… I hope that I won’t get addicted to it. 🙂

Emergency Landing!

I HAVE SEEN an unusal thing moments ago… I heard a loud noise, that made by a plan… I looked outside the window and saw what appears to me as passenger plane as if preparing to land… It was all flashing, having at least 3 red lights…

It is my first time ever to see a plan so near to earth above our house since we are far much away from the airport… god knows what is the problem of this plane? Can it be making an emergency landing? Is there any danger of it being destroyed after landing? Can the passengers make it safe to their beloved ones today…? The plan came from south… the very south… I hope that no danger will be caused to the passenger…

BTW, I have always wondered about plane accidents in Jordan.. Hadn’t it ever happened that a plan crash happen in a Jordanian plan? If not, is it because Jordanian pilots are very skillfull?! I don’t know… May be I will be able to find out through

Back to the plane, If something got wrong with it… we will surely hear about it in the news…

Time when I saw the plane was almost 7:02…

Excuse me now for I have to go back to my beloved Biochemistry… Have a nice day

10/18/2007 7:11 PM