Romans Were Here!

I took this photo through the eye of a modest Binocular. As you can see, I won’t any hardship convincing you that this is a picture taken in Karak; the deserted land, the Azazmehs’ (Bedouins originally from south of Palestine) tents, and finally, the far horizon which is a real desert. Why am I enclosing this photo in my post about “Romans”?

If I haven’t circled that squared dot in the distance, I would be teasing you know to guess what is in the photo related to the Romans. I could go back to Adobe Photoshop and correct the “mistake”, however, I don’t have time! You might object and tell me that I have all the time ’cause I had finished my summer semester of university. It would be true, if I am not working as a full-time secretary sending requests and receiving “business” contracts from people whom might be interested in learning Arabic.

Anyway, going back to the circled area, those are Roman ruins. What is within this circle? Can you tell me? Yes, exactly, there is nothing but a black dot, good observation. It is a black dot on the image ’cause it is very far from my house. But what does it represent? Now your guess have a value, What? No, it is not. It is a roman fortress, which was built-as I remember- a protection from the raids coming from the desert. What more information I know about this fortress? The swiss explorer who discovered Petra in the early nineteenth century passed from here. Do you know who am I talking about? He is Johann Lewis Burkhardt. In other words: “Burckhardt was there”! Wow! This great swiss explorer months before his going to Petra, took a look at that Roman castle. For more information, you can read his book: “Travels in Syria and the holy land”. On Sunday, I will go to Mu’tah University so as to return 2 books I have borrowed. I will add another task to this,I will go to Burckhardt’s book and copy the lines where he talked about his passing from this area.

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  1. Posted by David Wen Riccardi-Zhu on 08/16/2007 at 20:32

    I wonder if he is related to Jacob Burckdardt in any way. Is that the Siq in the background of the portrait?


  2. Posted by Dr. Jameel on 08/16/2007 at 22:30

    Hey! No, this is not the Siq. Actually, this is the very first scene you see after walking through the Siq. This is the treasury of Petra.

    Concerning your guy, Jacob. I consulted wiki, then consulted… I didn’t find any article talking about any relation of them! The Burckhard family seems to be a large one back then in Switzerland. Maybe you can tell me if you knew something.

    Thanks 4 passing by


  3. […] Burchardt doesn’t mention any further information about the site, as you can red, there are almost 3 sites in his few hours walk. If he was going to write in details about every ruin site he met, pages and pages will not be enough. I was even amazed to know that there are that huge number of ruins near my village. Of all the sites mentioned above, I only knew about Kesour el Basheir (Bashir), since it is visible from my house. Read how I took this photo. Click here. […]


  4. […] The green circle shows Fort Bashir (Qaser Bashir). I took the image after putting the camera inot a binocular that I have. Read how I took this pohto. Click here! […]


  5. Visit the following post in my Blog to read about Fort Bashir and to see images of this historical Roman Fort:

    Information about Fort Bashir (Qasir Bashir): written about by Johann Ludwig Burckhardt around 1812


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