He Won A Million $, So?!

Have you ever watched the TV program: “Who will win the million?”. This program was ,and I don’t know if it is still, very famous in the Arab world. I don’t know if this is an indication of how famous it is in other places where other versions of the show are shown. Anyway, those who are familiar with the program, know how hard it is to answer 15 questions in order to eventually win the million. In facts, not so many people have had the chance to win that big money!

No one would argue that those people who was able to do it, are really not easy to forget, they are distinguished people. However, not all of them you and I will be remembering for too much. Why? I guess ’cause there are not a few of them! Hence, I believe that among the many people who have won the million so far, it is no longer something very remarkable about someone to win again.

The next youtube video is of a guy who won the million, but wait! He not only won the million, but, and most importantly, he made a difference, what was the difference?! I won’t spoil the video for you. Play it and you will find out…

BTW, did you notice the indescribable smile (at least in my eyes!) on the contestant’s face when the host read the question? A Mona Lisa-like smile in my opinion (some who)! What do you think?

One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Mazen on 08/14/2007 at 12:29

    hahahaha….it really made me laugh a lot…I watched it for more than 5 times…
    I think this man has the self-confidence thing!!…don’t you think so?!
    *ok…suppose the following…This man is from here,Jordan, and he did the same thing…what do you think people will comment on that?!…
    “Shift hal msagi3…walla inno barid wijih…ya allah sho shaif 7alo…ma bagolko ma bin6ag ebn abo el****(as his relatives call him!!)…
    others,who don’t know him, and they don’t know what to comment, may say:”ya3ni lazim y5asirhom mokalami dwaleh 3ashan yomjog ma3 abo…walla baia5a”!!!!


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