Answer these questions…

*. The be is soft, so ________ on the floor.
a. was sleeping
b. has slept
c. slept

*. “The taxi has arrived” This sentence expresses:
a. completed past (this is exactly how it was in the exam!)
b. unfinished past
c. result of a past action

*. “She has been able to come to the school.” This sentence expresses:
a. ability
b. experience
c. unfinished past action

*. “I invited my friends who are English to my party.” This sentence means:
a. None of my friends are English.
b. many of my friends are English.
c. ” “… I don’t remember it because it was totally irrelevant.

These are a sample of some lovely questions my computer brought me, in todays English 102 exam. I am sure, that my dear reader by now, has concluded that I didn’t have a good mark. I won’t try to convince you that I don’t blame the type of questions for my results, because I am, partly.

I really believe that there is something wrong in each one of these questions, especially the forth one. How did they postulate that they are (many)? The answer in my opinion should read: “All of my friends are English”. Don’t you agree with me? If not, can you tell me the reasonable answer for which?

P.S. How much did Jameel score in this computerized exam-BTW, damn every computerized test that teachers not allow students to object to a question which has spelling or logical problem- ? We had 50 questions today, for 50 marks, I got 47 out of 50 true, so i scored 47! Damn!. My total score in this course will be, postulation that I will have 10 marks as participation, 96/100. It is really of carelessness to have lost those four marks…

“Don’t call me a liar and a (cheat)” This sentence expresses. (I couldn’t leave without letting you share me this another great sentence of todays perfect exam).

Do you have anything to say? عندك إشي تحكيه؟ (Unless you are posting spam or using aggressive language, I will publish your comment whether I like it or not)

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