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Benjamin Franklin!

Writer, Inventor, Scientist, Humorist, Statesman, Man of courage, charm, and wit… Those words were on the back cover of a book I found by chance today in the university library while searching for travel books about Jordan. The above words were enough to arise my curiosity, they describe a prominent historical figure. Can you think of a person which those words might describe? Do you believe that it is easy to have all of those characteristics in one person?! .
“The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin”, this is the title of the book which is sitting on my left leg now. It is not a full book, it is a kind of abridged version of the original one. It is stated in the front cover of this book that it is meant: “..for readers whom English is a second language…”.
Though I am having an English exam tomorrow morning, I couldn’t help my self to put the book down. I have almost finished most of it not only because it is very intersting and exciting but also and most importantly, because it has small pages and its vocabulary is very simplified.
Sentences I liked:

“A hard-working man could stand before kings. I was hard-working. I not only stood before kings in later life but I once sat down to dinner with the King of Denmark.

Last but not least, here is the photo of this great multi-talented man.

*. I don’t know about my Biostatistics Exam! It seems that I have made few mistakes (note: (few) not (a few)!). My grade won’t be more than 28! God knows!.
*. More and more rabbits are coming from the ground. The first mother rabbit has had all of her children out. In a new development, the black one’s children have started coming out today! In contrary to their black mother, George says that he saw 5 all white rabbits coming from that hole. I am not sure whether he is exaggerating or not but the thing that I am sure of is that one of her children is the (most white) rabbit I’ve seen since not a short time. It is very beautiful, “Snow-white”, I believe that such a name will perfectly fit him.
*. Tomorrow is the banquet for the sake of my secret benefactor!
*. Finally, I wish my self much luck in tomorrows easy-hard exam. To be more accurate, I should say, today’s exam, it has just overcame 12 PM… I must go sleep now. I wish my self nice dreams too [ 🙂 ]. See ye.