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A World Wonder… Petra

Hi! It is a week exactly since my last blog, and it is exactly the (biostatistics) lab again. The computer lab today is not like the last time, it is different in the number of students present and one could simply predict the reason which is the 1st exam of this subject which will take place tomorrow. Any way, this week was the most beautiful week from not a short period of time.

The contest to choose the new world wondrs was so harsh and difficult( as difficult as my exam tomorrow afternoon) I really didn’t expect that jordan will be able to make it in such a world event. Having there thoughts in my mind, i went to bed at 11’oclock saturday evening not expecting to be one of the winners. Sunday morning while walking to meet the bus for the university I met up with ro7i bin 3aid;
– “Good morning!”., I said.\
I immediately started to inquire about the results of the comeptiotion which were announced after 12 the night before. I even didn’t give him the chance to respond to my “|Good morning”.
– “What happened to Petra” I said in the most eager and enthusiastic way.
_” We WON!”. And my feelings were if you have told me the news that I have won some very big money in the lottery! Very happy and puzzled at the idea that we can compete, and most imprtantly WIN, at something on the wrold level.

Done with the news about Petra. Going back to thursday, getting back home from the university and seeing the expressions on my brother’s face, expressions of one who is going to tell you a very big happy news. I immediately get deliverd the news (wirelessly!) that our birthed rabbits have finally come out from their hole. In order to make it more enthusiastic for me to hear the news. I waited a very long 30 years, sorry, 30 minutes (It was 30 years to me! With some exageration). Eating lunch then setting off to the garden(Well, it is not really a garden like what most people would think about this word! Unless you are from karak then you will surely know what a garden in karak mean. ) .

Reaching the inner room where the rabbits are kept, I had to remove some barrials where I found that tiny, fluffy, beautiful small creature there, creeping and hiding like a mouse. What I liked much about this tiny rabbit was his black and white colors. Which was mixed in a way similar to those of a casual cow. Later that day, I am not sure, may be it was friday, I found out that this rabbit is one of 3 tiny rabbits born with him. By the way, yesterday evening, I was astonished by my M telling me that my father is reportedly to have seen a small rabbit rouming around in the garden!. I went down to discover after a through investigation and with the urgent help from my mother that one of those 3 rabbits have ran out of his house and he/she (I don’t know which of them know! Those of you having or having had rabbits know that it is not a simple way to find the gender of a rabbit. The rabbit was able to hide in the rocks piled at the corner of the house, as a result, we weren’t able to catch him and bring him back to his home! He slept the night over there and to this moment I don’t know what hadd happened to him.