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The Stela of Balua

This is a photo of the Stela of Balau, which I took from the museum in the Karak Castle. I have been there this morning.

My big impression about this visit was “Shame”. Yes, shame. The way the employees were acting, workers who are doing repair to the castle shouting and laughing as if they were in a back city street. The working women in the museum who were eating and chatting as if they are in a coffee shop. I think that they won’t be chatting as load as this in a cafe!. Moreover, the rooms and tunnels inside the castle were not well lit.

On the other hand, the castle is very fascinating. It is huge, impressive, makes you think of the power of human mind all over the history! The city is made of many levels, at least three or four. How where they able to build 4 story building like this?! The next time you or I go there, we should take a torch because there are a lot of tunnels, basement, silts, Wow! it is a mysterious castle indeed. A person with a good economical mind will be able to make fortune from such a wonder!

Back to the stela, this stela which was found in Balau north east of Smakieh goes back to the 11 century B.C. I read something about the way this stela is made reflects an egyption effect on the culture here in Jordan Back at that time. The next time I go to the Karak museum, I will bring you more details. Here is an Egyption stela, I found it by google. It is called: Ramese Stela.

By the way, do you notice any similarities between the two? I do!

Soma’h Wa Marzoog

This is a very hilarious clip showing Moses Hijazin and Hasan Ibrahim singing a funny song together. (La Aftah Lak Ilbit Sardeen).
Moses is a Jordanian comic . Soma’ah -as he is widely known- was born in Smakieh. I really like Soma’h not only because he is a relative of mine (My Grand mother and his Grand mother are sisters! A very close relation, isn’t it? Somehow!), and not only because he is Hijazin, but also and most importantly, because he is a very modest and humble person, though he is very famous among Jordanians. I leave you now with the video, and sorry because the video is in Arabic.

P.S. I have learned how to add a video directly to my Blog… Thanks to my very nice, handsome, hilarious, and intelligent FRIEND (Chadi Chamatti), a Lebanese engineer who works with Airbus (Airbus, Wow!) . By the way, he has a very nice Blog, may be you can take a look at: Click Here!Hijazin Hijazeen karak kerak st. michel latin balau ader church Smakieh simakiyya arnon valley mujib rabbah rifat bader jordan petra Moabites parish Smakiyya virtual resources project vkrp petra paul Jordanian stela balau akasha nabil munther maher hijazin jack