First or Second?

I’ve read an impressive quote a day or two ago. Sorrowfully, I didn’t write it down. As a result, I hope that my memory will not fail me when I write the quote next!

“If you are the first, you are the first. But if you are the second, you are nothing”

What do you think about this quote? Is it true that if you are anything but the first in your field then you don’t worth anything? In my opinion, I believe that every one should try as much as he can to be the best in his field. In other words, if you did something, then do it right.
Talking about people who are first in their fields. I can now only think of Russell Peters, the Indian-Canadian stand-up comic. According to me, he is a genius! So here is one of his hilarious clips… “Hope you’ll enjoy it!” I am not gonna say that, because I am sure that you will like his comedy.

P.S. I am sorry but I don’t know how to put the video directly in my page at the current time [ 😉 ]. Just click on the link below. Sorry again.

Do you have anything to say? عندك إشي تحكيه؟ (Unless you are posting spam or using aggressive language, I will publish your comment whether I like it or not)

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