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From Smakieh With Love

I have downloaded Rev. Martin Luther King’s, Jr final speech “I’ve been to the mountain top”, which he gave on the night before he was assassinated on the 3rd of April 1968. His all speech was great, but what I really like the the most was the little story he mentioned and then build up the rest of his speech on it.

The story happened when he was in New York signing autographs of his first book. When he was sitting signing autographs, he was (stapped- I don’t know how to spell this word correctly, I bit you cann’t too? Can you? if so click on the comment link below and send it!) by a blade in his chest. Luckily, he was immediately sent to hospital where he knew that the tip of the blade before the blade would had cut on his main artery. The next day, it came up in the New York Times that if he had merely sneezed, he would had died. Dr. King received many letters from all over the USA after. He received one from the USA president, vice president, and the governor of New York. But he said that he forgot what those letters said. But, till now (Him saying), I still remember that one single letter:

Dr. King I am a ninth grade student at the white planes high school. While it shouldn’t matter; i would like to mention that i am a white girl. I read in the paper of your misfortune and of your suffering and I read that if you had sneezed you would have died. I am simply writing you to say that I am so happy that you didn’t sneeze!