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Jordan Gangs

I have decided to talk a walk to visit the hills overlooking Mujib dam, it is relatively close from my village, Smakieh. How close? It took me almost 2 hours on foot. What about the area there? Oh my God! The scene was marvelous; the black rocks, the valleys, the dam, the sky, Wow! Every thing was incredible. I took some photos, enjoyed the landscape for a little time and finally, set off for my journey to home before the night comes.

But on my way back home, I faced what I haven’t ever experienced even in my most
dreadful dreams. I have always heard about the Gangs in the USA and Canada and how
every Gang controls a certain part of a city. But Gangs in Jordan! This is what I haven’t ever heard of. But is this true? Is there no Gangs in Jordan? What would I say?! Just read on.

Walking on the road. Suddenly, I was surrounded by almost 12 gangsters, making the most fearful sounds. To make the situation more clearly for you, remember what you felt when you heard the sounds in any thrill movie, (i.e. Scream)

“What do they you want from me? I am sure that I am not in any Gang’s territory, I am just walking in the government street, this street belongs to all Jordanians?!” I thought with a loud voice. “May be they can understand what I say and go away!”.

I talked to my self: “I haven’t ever hurt anyone of them?!! They must be mistaken! It is my first time to come to such a distant area! They must be mistaken, I am not the guy they are looking for!”. I continued thinking: “Is it because I am Christian? But how did they know my religion? My cross is hidden as usual under my clothes. But wait a minute, do such creatures have religion in the first place?”.

The situation got worse, now they were surrounding me from the four directions, I couldn’t walk or run into any place. They began to come closer and closer, closer and closer, what was I doing?! Don’t laugh at me! But I was waving with a metal stick, as if they would be afraid of such “superweapon”. It’s time to say good bye to life, “Go away! Go away!”, a sound came from somewhere. Do dead people reach heaven doors that quickly? Are those the words of Saint Peter telling me to take the the way down to hill? But why? It is true that I haven’t prayed a lot during the past few years. Still, I am a good hearted man. What happened after I heard that voice? Did I go down to hill? Of course not. I didn’t go down not because I am a good hearted person but

rather, because the “Go away! Go away!” wasn’t directed to me! It was for the gangsters. Thank God! I was still alive. They were the words of their big boss, the shepherd, they obeyed him immediately and left me alone. Why? Because they were dogs reared by this shepherd!

[ One of the beautiful photos I took during my most dreadful walk ever. The handsome guy in this photo (Me!) is standing on the hills overlooking the Arnon valley (Al-Mujib), you can see Mujib Dam in the Background. Don’t you think it is a very beautiful photo? Of course it is because I am present in it!]

I live in Moab! جبل شيحان في الكرك كما يظهر من قرية السماكية

جبل شيحان الكرك كما يظهر من قرية السماكية Mount Shihan as appears from Smakieh
Grain fields in the Biblical Moab (Now known as Al-Kerak). The mountain in the photo is Mount Shihan which was also mentioned in The Old Testament.

This is another Biblical Landsacpe, you can see in the distance Mujib Valley, which was also mentioned in The Old Testament under the name of “Arnon Valley”. You can read in Numbers 21:13:

“They set out from there and camped alongside the Arnon, which is in the desert extending into Amorite territory. The Arnon is the border of Moab, between Moab and the Amorites.”