A Walk through History

At almost 16:15 this afternoon, the electricity went off causing me to start my daily trip earlier than the usual time which is 17:00. I wore the Sport Pajamas pantaloon that Umm Asad brought to me on the Tawjihi results, and a black shirt which seemed very (cool) to me. One unusual thing today was that I didn’t wear socks in order to try how does it feel! Now after going and coming back: It socks!. I would better wear ones always since they not only give you comfort but also you feel more control of your boat (simply because when you are not wearing socks, the sweat that is secreted isn’t soaked by anything so it is left to make me slip my foot in the boot).

At precisely 6:30 I started the walk from the lower gate of our house, as usual with a metal staff and a stomach filled with huge amounts of water since I don’t take any water with me. I preceded through the usual road tell I reached a cross road; either go north then eventually going back from the western road (In red). Or, heading west then coming back from the northern road( the green one). What do you think I’v chosen? I had in my mind to visit the northern parts of the wood, and to avoid going and coming from the same road (the northern one) I decided that I will head to the western road (The red dots) first in a kind of circle road.

As I headed towards the western road I saw Husni Al’Oudah and one of his four sons heading towards Mohammad Al Rahashidah – Whom I think that he quite his school he is always with his goats and owes-. Mohammad was standing almost at the edge of one of the fields which is planted by either wheat or barley, the point that I want to make is that Mohammad seems to have entered this field. However, when Husni and his son arrived there, they simply sat on the ground and seemed to me as if they just came to her for nothing specific. But after a little bit, I could see some intense movements and facials from both sides. By this time, I have passed them so I don’t really know what happened next. However, I can predict that (nothing) happened simply because most Christians in in my surroundings are coward and quitters, people whom you can not rely on them to gain you a right. I will not enter into the blame game! But I believe that there are multiple factors, but I would like to demonstrate that being coward and quitters by nature –as some people will simply say- is not one of those multiple factors.

I met some azami man on a tractor, I courageously looked at him and raised my hand (This body language means: Hello, peace be upon you, hi, etc.) At the same time he was also saying (hello) raising his hand. I’m proud of the way I dealt with this situation. Although some may say that it is very simple, but for someone who was people-phobic is not a small thing.

Having passed Raoff’s ex-farm, I met Abd Al-Kareem who was once our shepherd and whom mother was a friend of my late grand mother- (I believe that his mother is still alive. Although that she is very old and is blind, but I believe that she is still alive since if she is not, my father would for sure knew!). He stopped his tractor and asked me to go with him, I thanked him politely and explained to him that my aim is to just walk. By the way, before he stopped, he accidentally hit a big rock which was lying beside the road. I felt very embarrassed for this situation. I believe that this wouldn’t had happened if I simply stopped when he firstly talked to me while driving his tractor. This is one thing that Jameel should learn: “When people talk to you, for god’s sake STOP”.

I reached the point in the road which represents the cross section in the northern and eastern road as shown in the map. It was 5:10 when I was there. On a future walk, I should try to measure the time taken if I used the northern road. I followed Abd Al-Kareem tractor in a road that I’ve never go through which went east. Tomorrow I will tell you about the new possible ruins that I’ve located and the ancient dam and well too.

At the farthest edge of the wood I saw a small hill having a lot of black stones of the same size piled in groups!!! I don’t think that it is a natural thing since the black rocks are on a hill that do not have such rocks. Moreover, I found many shreds of pottery in and around the place.

Heading back to house, I also found by accident what appears to be an ancient well. How do I know that? since of the size of this well and the style of building it. Moreover, no one either from my village or Bedouins will build it in such a remote area. Since there is a Roman watch tower at a small distance from it. I can deduce that it might be a roman well!.

One last thing. When looking east from the ancient site I mentioned above, I could see one green tree standing in the valley!!! it is weired to see a tree with such green leaves to grow alone in the desert. I think that I should visit it in spite of the valleys and hills that I should walk through in order to reach it!

This Walk was on Thursday, May 10, 2007. By the way, it is the same day of my graduation from Wassieh High School last year.

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