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5 year-old Question o fmine: What does the acronym (INRI) that was put on a board above the head of Jesus mean?

What does the acronym (INRI) that was put on a board above the head of Jesus mean?

I remember asking this question not a few times when I was in the school. I believe that I asked teacher Dima, my religion teacher, once about it. However, she said that it would be better for me to ask Father R.B. and as you can deduce from the title above, this question stayed unanswered till today. [ 🙂 ]

Minutes ago, I was reading Mathew 27 when this acronym came to my mind. I really do not remember WHY and HOW?! Instantly I went to Google, the biggest fount of knowledge, and typed: (define:INRI) and as usual I was given an answer, for Google can not let anybody down (often). The answer as I will memorize it will be the following:
INRI is a Latin acronym that means in English: [Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews].


*. My brother came to me some minutes ago and asked me to help him Microsoft Excel… I appointed a session with him after lunch!.

*.. After I pressed Publish, I went back to Mathew 27 and found that the English name of the men who carried the cross for Jesus is: (Simon). I don’t know if I will witness the day in which Simon- a man from where I live- will be appointed as a priest?!


The hammer and sickle… What the hell?!!

Hammer and sickle are simply the symbol of the former soviet bloc of countries in eastern Europe. The hammer and sickle appeared, in yellow, in the top left-hand corner of the national flag of The Soviet Union (Source: BBC site).

Nice piece of information! Don’t you think so?