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Mr. Muneer Hijazin

Our neigbour, Mr. Muneer Hijazin, And his two sons: Asad & Ibrahim.

The next little gentleman is: Assad Bin(son of) Muneer .

The First Commenter!

I have been blogging for exactly 25 days. And till this moment, I have received zero comments! I am just wandering who is gonna be the first person to comment on any of my posts?! I admit that I need a lot of time and effort until my posts will be deserving a comment! However, I hope that someone might like or hate a one little thing and comment about it.

Will he be a from Smakieh? Will he even be a Jordanian? Will he be a male of female? An adult or a teenager? Will he write something meaningful or just a “Hi”? I don’t know! I like this quote by Albert Einstein, I can not copy it on my case, maybe you can! Can you?… For god sake someone make a comment… [ 😦 ]

I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. Albert Einstein

Proud To Be (Karaki)

I live in Karak, so I am called a Karaki. What is Karak like? It is a typical Jordanian city. In my opinion, I believe that Karak is the best place in whole Jordan. I don’t think that you can find simple and modest old men and women else where than Karak. What is more, I like the way people deal with the strangers and foreigners, you always feel welcomed by every person you meet. I don’t know what to add more, I think that your coming to Karak is the best way to know more about this nice place. Last but not least, when you come to Karak, Remember:

“Raise up your head, you are in Karak”

The Stela of Balua

This is a photo of the Stela of Balau, which I took from the museum in the Karak Castle. I have been there this morning.

My big impression about this visit was “Shame”. Yes, shame. The way the employees were acting, workers who are doing repair to the castle shouting and laughing as if they were in a back city street. The working women in the museum who were eating and chatting as if they are in a coffee shop. I think that they won’t be chatting as load as this in a cafe!. Moreover, the rooms and tunnels inside the castle were not well lit.

On the other hand, the castle is very fascinating. It is huge, impressive, makes you think of the power of human mind all over the history! The city is made of many levels, at least three or four. How where they able to build 4 story building like this?! The next time you or I go there, we should take a torch because there are a lot of tunnels, basement, silts, Wow! it is a mysterious castle indeed. A person with a good economical mind will be able to make fortune from such a wonder!

Back to the stela, this stela which was found in Balau north east of Smakieh goes back to the 11 century B.C. I read something about the way this stela is made reflects an egyption effect on the culture here in Jordan Back at that time. The next time I go to the Karak museum, I will bring you more details. Here is an Egyption stela, I found it by google. It is called: Ramese Stela.

By the way, do you notice any similarities between the two? I do!

Soma’h Wa Marzoog

This is a very hilarious clip showing Moses Hijazin and Hasan Ibrahim singing a funny song together. (La Aftah Lak Ilbit Sardeen).
Moses is a Jordanian comic . Soma’ah -as he is widely known- was born in Smakieh. I really like Soma’h not only because he is a relative of mine (My Grand mother and his Grand mother are sisters! A very close relation, isn’t it? Somehow!), and not only because he is Hijazin, but also and most importantly, because he is a very modest and humble person, though he is very famous among Jordanians. I leave you now with the video, and sorry because the video is in Arabic.

P.S. I have learned how to add a video directly to my Blog… Thanks to my very nice, handsome, hilarious, and intelligent FRIEND (Chadi Chamatti), a Lebanese engineer who works with Airbus (Airbus, Wow!) . By the way, he has a very nice Blog, may be you can take a look at: Click Here!Hijazin Hijazeen karak kerak st. michel latin balau ader church Smakieh simakiyya arnon valley mujib rabbah rifat bader jordan petra Moabites parish Smakiyya virtual resources project vkrp petra paul Jordanian stela balau akasha nabil munther maher hijazin jack

Love Your Enemies, Silly?!

First of all, lets read from the original place that this saying had been mentioned. Mathew 5:43

43“You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? 47And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? 48Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

I am not defend not attack these teachings, but I will tell you a small story, from which my belief arise!

There was once two students. Both of them had the same school average, 90%. However, in the new scholastic year, peter decided to challenge his abilities and he put himself an average of 95%. On the other hand, Tom said: “My average is 98%, and this is my level. so I will put my self a realistic goal which is 90%. I can not have higher average!”.
Taking into consideration that both of the students have the same mental level. Which one of them do you think will have a higher average? the one who set a higher standard or the one with the normal standard? Of course the one with the higher goal, with the goal of 95%! It is true that he can’t so easily get such very high average, but he will surely get an average more than 90%.

Bake to Jesus’ words, it might be very difficult to love one’s enemy. The person who tries to love his enemy is like the student who tries to have a higher average away from his level. You may not be able to totally love your enemy, but you are surely away from the degree of hating him!

First or Second?

I’ve read an impressive quote a day or two ago. Sorrowfully, I didn’t write it down. As a result, I hope that my memory will not fail me when I write the quote next!

“If you are the first, you are the first. But if you are the second, you are nothing”

What do you think about this quote? Is it true that if you are anything but the first in your field then you don’t worth anything? In my opinion, I believe that every one should try as much as he can to be the best in his field. In other words, if you did something, then do it right.
Talking about people who are first in their fields. I can now only think of Russell Peters, the Indian-Canadian stand-up comic. According to me, he is a genius! So here is one of his hilarious clips… “Hope you’ll enjoy it!” I am not gonna say that, because I am sure that you will like his comedy.

P.S. I am sorry but I don’t know how to put the video directly in my page at the current time [ 😉 ]. Just click on the link below. Sorry again.

I’ve woken up at 7:30!

What a great achievement! According to me of course. The secret is that I immediately walked up when I heard the alarm clock. I hope that I’ll be able to continue my effort so as to correct my body clock. [ Pray for me! I know that you will do, Thank you in advance. ]

What Matters Most Is How You…

There are photos when you see, you get fascinated and very dazzled. However, you will not have the same feeling when you view them a second time. . The image you can see doesn’t comply with this type of images. That means, that whenever I view it, I always be like if I see it for the first time! I have had this image stored on my computer since a long time, not less than two or three years. [By the way, when revising the last sentence I remembered that one can know when a file was firstly saved. Hence, I went to the file, then right-click, Properties, and here is what I got: (Created: Thursday, January 20, 2005)] I have a good memory, don’t I? [ 😉 ].

New Words!

Criteria: Plural for (Criterion): A standard, rule, or test on which a judgment or decision can be based. See Synonyms at standard.

The Stela of Balua

I am sorry, but I should have done this before. Here is the photo of my village -Smakieh- and the surrounding area.

In this relatively tiny area of my country, you can find ruins and landmarks that go back thousands of centuries ago. For example:

1. The Arnon Valley: the biblical valley that was mentioned in The Old Testament, where the Jews -when coming from Egypt to the promise land- passed around. It was mentioned in the old Testament 23 times. For example:

Numbers 22:36
When Balak heard that Balaam was coming, he went out to meet him at the Moabite town on the Arnon border, at the edge of his territory.
Deuteronomy 2:24
[ Defeat of Sihon King of Heshbon ] “Set out now and cross the Arnon Gorge. See, I have given into your hand Sihon the Amorite, king of Heshbon, and his country. Begin to take possession of it and engage him in battle.

2. A Roman Watch Tower. I do not have any information about this tower, except that it is likely was used to watch for attacks coming from the desert. since from its the top of the remaining of its walls you can have a very wide look on the areas around, and what it most important, you can simply see the Main city at that time -Rabbah.

3. Balau: To be very precise about this castle, I will quote what the site says about this place.

“Located about 6 miles (10 km) south of the Arnon Valley, Balu is the largest Iron Age site in the area. Part of the kingdom of Moab in the Iron II period, this site was inhabited from the Early Bronze period to the Mamluk period. Interest in the site peaked after the discovery of the Stela of Balu in 1930. It is possible that the biblical “City of Moab” (“Ar of Moab”) was located here (Num 21:28; Isa 15:1).”

Old Smakieh

A lizard I found inside a small cave beside old Smakieh)(A lizard I found inside a small cave beside old Smakieh)

There is nothing for free in trade.

From Smakieh With Love

I have downloaded Rev. Martin Luther King’s, Jr final speech “I’ve been to the mountain top”, which he gave on the night before he was assassinated on the 3rd of April 1968. His all speech was great, but what I really like the the most was the little story he mentioned and then build up the rest of his speech on it.

The story happened when he was in New York signing autographs of his first book. When he was sitting signing autographs, he was (stapped- I don’t know how to spell this word correctly, I bit you cann’t too? Can you? if so click on the comment link below and send it!) by a blade in his chest. Luckily, he was immediately sent to hospital where he knew that the tip of the blade before the blade would had cut on his main artery. The next day, it came up in the New York Times that if he had merely sneezed, he would had died. Dr. King received many letters from all over the USA after. He received one from the USA president, vice president, and the governor of New York. But he said that he forgot what those letters said. But, till now (Him saying), I still remember that one single letter:

Dr. King I am a ninth grade student at the white planes high school. While it shouldn’t matter; i would like to mention that i am a white girl. I read in the paper of your misfortune and of your suffering and I read that if you had sneezed you would have died. I am simply writing you to say that I am so happy that you didn’t sneeze!

From Smakieh With Love

If you live in a country, you are either:
1- Citizen: when you have the citizenship of this country.
2- Resident:

*. The secondary smoker is at stake more than those who have the cigarette.
– stake:

*. Fag: (British informal) a cigarette.
Fag: (North American informal, derogatory) a male homosexual.
– By the way, derogatory: showing a critical or disrespectful attitude.

*. Gerry Adams.

*. A Spanish lesson:
1. Señior = Mr
2. Señora = Mrs
3. Señorita = Miss

For all of the information above, thanks to my Friend William! A fifty-three year old Spanish man who is living in England.

Jordan Gangs

I have decided to talk a walk to visit the hills overlooking Mujib dam, it is relatively close from my village, Smakieh. How close? It took me almost 2 hours on foot. What about the area there? Oh my God! The scene was marvelous; the black rocks, the valleys, the dam, the sky, Wow! Every thing was incredible. I took some photos, enjoyed the landscape for a little time and finally, set off for my journey to home before the night comes.

But on my way back home, I faced what I haven’t ever experienced even in my most
dreadful dreams. I have always heard about the Gangs in the USA and Canada and how
every Gang controls a certain part of a city. But Gangs in Jordan! This is what I haven’t ever heard of. But is this true? Is there no Gangs in Jordan? What would I say?! Just read on.

Walking on the road. Suddenly, I was surrounded by almost 12 gangsters, making the most fearful sounds. To make the situation more clearly for you, remember what you felt when you heard the sounds in any thrill movie, (i.e. Scream)

“What do they you want from me? I am sure that I am not in any Gang’s territory, I am just walking in the government street, this street belongs to all Jordanians?!” I thought with a loud voice. “May be they can understand what I say and go away!”.

I talked to my self: “I haven’t ever hurt anyone of them?!! They must be mistaken! It is my first time to come to such a distant area! They must be mistaken, I am not the guy they are looking for!”. I continued thinking: “Is it because I am Christian? But how did they know my religion? My cross is hidden as usual under my clothes. But wait a minute, do such creatures have religion in the first place?”.

The situation got worse, now they were surrounding me from the four directions, I couldn’t walk or run into any place. They began to come closer and closer, closer and closer, what was I doing?! Don’t laugh at me! But I was waving with a metal stick, as if they would be afraid of such “superweapon”. It’s time to say good bye to life, “Go away! Go away!”, a sound came from somewhere. Do dead people reach heaven doors that quickly? Are those the words of Saint Peter telling me to take the the way down to hill? But why? It is true that I haven’t prayed a lot during the past few years. Still, I am a good hearted man. What happened after I heard that voice? Did I go down to hill? Of course not. I didn’t go down not because I am a good hearted person but

rather, because the “Go away! Go away!” wasn’t directed to me! It was for the gangsters. Thank God! I was still alive. They were the words of their big boss, the shepherd, they obeyed him immediately and left me alone. Why? Because they were dogs reared by this shepherd!

[ One of the beautiful photos I took during my most dreadful walk ever. The handsome guy in this photo (Me!) is standing on the hills overlooking the Arnon valley (Al-Mujib), you can see Mujib Dam in the Background. Don’t you think it is a very beautiful photo? Of course it is because I am present in it!]

I live in Moab! جبل شيحان في الكرك كما يظهر من قرية السماكية

جبل شيحان الكرك كما يظهر من قرية السماكية Mount Shihan as appears from Smakieh
Grain fields in the Biblical Moab (Now known as Al-Kerak). The mountain in the photo is Mount Shihan which was also mentioned in The Old Testament.

This is another Biblical Landsacpe, you can see in the distance Mujib Valley, which was also mentioned in The Old Testament under the name of “Arnon Valley”. You can read in Numbers 21:13:

“They set out from there and camped alongside the Arnon, which is in the desert extending into Amorite territory. The Arnon is the border of Moab, between Moab and the Amorites.”

Two Acronyms Revealed

Those are two Acronyms that someone always find in front of him…

GPS: Global Positioning System
GMT: Greenwitch Mean Time

Yesterday, Mr. Alex from the BBC site used the two sentences I submited! I was like reading the blog when I came to the paragraph where he said:

Anyway, let’s move on and talk about some grammar. Thanks to everyone who tried the homework questions. Jameel from Jordan’s answers were so good that I’d like to use them here as examples:

1- Practice: The BBC site advises foreign learners of English to practice listening to native speakers so as to improve their listening skills.
2- According to many people on this planet, appropriate measures should be taken in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Other wise, one day we will have to pack up our belongings and go to a new planet.

(Jameel, please note that I’ve made one small vocabulary change.)
I was like extremely happy and delighted that the chair was shacking because I wanted to express my happiness to finally having my work being recognized. Later, I submitted him later a comment telling him: (You really made my day!).

A Walk through History

At almost 16:15 this afternoon, the electricity went off causing me to start my daily trip earlier than the usual time which is 17:00. I wore the Sport Pajamas pantaloon that Umm Asad brought to me on the Tawjihi results, and a black shirt which seemed very (cool) to me. One unusual thing today was that I didn’t wear socks in order to try how does it feel! Now after going and coming back: It socks!. I would better wear ones always since they not only give you comfort but also you feel more control of your boat (simply because when you are not wearing socks, the sweat that is secreted isn’t soaked by anything so it is left to make me slip my foot in the boot).

At precisely 6:30 I started the walk from the lower gate of our house, as usual with a metal staff and a stomach filled with huge amounts of water since I don’t take any water with me. I preceded through the usual road tell I reached a cross road; either go north then eventually going back from the western road (In red). Or, heading west then coming back from the northern road( the green one). What do you think I’v chosen? I had in my mind to visit the northern parts of the wood, and to avoid going and coming from the same road (the northern one) I decided that I will head to the western road (The red dots) first in a kind of circle road.

As I headed towards the western road I saw Husni Al’Oudah and one of his four sons heading towards Mohammad Al Rahashidah – Whom I think that he quite his school he is always with his goats and owes-. Mohammad was standing almost at the edge of one of the fields which is planted by either wheat or barley, the point that I want to make is that Mohammad seems to have entered this field. However, when Husni and his son arrived there, they simply sat on the ground and seemed to me as if they just came to her for nothing specific. But after a little bit, I could see some intense movements and facials from both sides. By this time, I have passed them so I don’t really know what happened next. However, I can predict that (nothing) happened simply because most Christians in in my surroundings are coward and quitters, people whom you can not rely on them to gain you a right. I will not enter into the blame game! But I believe that there are multiple factors, but I would like to demonstrate that being coward and quitters by nature –as some people will simply say- is not one of those multiple factors.

I met some azami man on a tractor, I courageously looked at him and raised my hand (This body language means: Hello, peace be upon you, hi, etc.) At the same time he was also saying (hello) raising his hand. I’m proud of the way I dealt with this situation. Although some may say that it is very simple, but for someone who was people-phobic is not a small thing.

Having passed Raoff’s ex-farm, I met Abd Al-Kareem who was once our shepherd and whom mother was a friend of my late grand mother- (I believe that his mother is still alive. Although that she is very old and is blind, but I believe that she is still alive since if she is not, my father would for sure knew!). He stopped his tractor and asked me to go with him, I thanked him politely and explained to him that my aim is to just walk. By the way, before he stopped, he accidentally hit a big rock which was lying beside the road. I felt very embarrassed for this situation. I believe that this wouldn’t had happened if I simply stopped when he firstly talked to me while driving his tractor. This is one thing that Jameel should learn: “When people talk to you, for god’s sake STOP”.

I reached the point in the road which represents the cross section in the northern and eastern road as shown in the map. It was 5:10 when I was there. On a future walk, I should try to measure the time taken if I used the northern road. I followed Abd Al-Kareem tractor in a road that I’ve never go through which went east. Tomorrow I will tell you about the new possible ruins that I’ve located and the ancient dam and well too.

At the farthest edge of the wood I saw a small hill having a lot of black stones of the same size piled in groups!!! I don’t think that it is a natural thing since the black rocks are on a hill that do not have such rocks. Moreover, I found many shreds of pottery in and around the place.

Heading back to house, I also found by accident what appears to be an ancient well. How do I know that? since of the size of this well and the style of building it. Moreover, no one either from my village or Bedouins will build it in such a remote area. Since there is a Roman watch tower at a small distance from it. I can deduce that it might be a roman well!.

One last thing. When looking east from the ancient site I mentioned above, I could see one green tree standing in the valley!!! it is weired to see a tree with such green leaves to grow alone in the desert. I think that I should visit it in spite of the valleys and hills that I should walk through in order to reach it!

This Walk was on Thursday, May 10, 2007. By the way, it is the same day of my graduation from Wassieh High School last year.

5 year-old Question o fmine: What does the acronym (INRI) that was put on a board above the head of Jesus mean?

What does the acronym (INRI) that was put on a board above the head of Jesus mean?

I remember asking this question not a few times when I was in the school. I believe that I asked teacher Dima, my religion teacher, once about it. However, she said that it would be better for me to ask Father R.B. and as you can deduce from the title above, this question stayed unanswered till today. [ 🙂 ]

Minutes ago, I was reading Mathew 27 when this acronym came to my mind. I really do not remember WHY and HOW?! Instantly I went to Google, the biggest fount of knowledge, and typed: (define:INRI) and as usual I was given an answer, for Google can not let anybody down (often). The answer as I will memorize it will be the following:
INRI is a Latin acronym that means in English: [Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews].


*. My brother came to me some minutes ago and asked me to help him Microsoft Excel… I appointed a session with him after lunch!.

*.. After I pressed Publish, I went back to Mathew 27 and found that the English name of the men who carried the cross for Jesus is: (Simon). I don’t know if I will witness the day in which Simon- a man from where I live- will be appointed as a priest?!


The hammer and sickle… What the hell?!!

Hammer and sickle are simply the symbol of the former soviet bloc of countries in eastern Europe. The hammer and sickle appeared, in yellow, in the top left-hand corner of the national flag of The Soviet Union (Source: BBC site).

Nice piece of information! Don’t you think so?

My First Blog

I’m very happy that I finally took the decision and started my own Blog… I tribute this to (Jack) whom I find by chance in his own Skypecasts today!

What did I learn today and must or will stay with me?

1- It is not important to have an accent when speaking English. What matters most is that you talk clearly and confidently so as the one whom you are talking with can understand you perfectly. [:)]
Although it might look simple to you, I believe that this very tiny lesson will relief me a lot.
2- (to be born with a silver spoon in your mouth) = to be the son or daughter of a very rich family. a sentence of my own: ‘John as well as Tom waste a lot of money on silly things. I believe that it is normal since both of them were born with silver spoons in their mouthes)…

This is all till 15:48.